I’m New

Whether you are new to the faith, exploring what Christianity is all about, a life-long Anglican, or somewhere in between, we are happy to have you join us!

What are the services like?

The best way to find out is to come and worship with us. Anglicans use a liturgy to guide our worship. Liturgy (which means “work of the people”) provides a way for people to pray and worship together using prayers that come from Scripture. Some worry that using a liturgy can make worship dry and dull, but we believe that the Holy Spirit is present in worship and makes all the difference, whether worship is happening with liturgy or not. We believe that the liturgy helps us to worship as it shapes our hearts and disciples us in how to follow Jesus more fully in our day-to-day lives.

Since we are a liturgical church our services follow the same pattern. The first portion of our service is about gathering God’s people to worship him. We then hear from God’s Word, through the reading of Scripture. Next we learn from God’s Word through a sermon. We then make confession together and receive Communion. Last, we are sent out back into our communities to love and serve one another as we love and serve Jesus.

We have two different services every week:

Sundays at 12:30 pm – This is our main service. Our liturgy comes from the Book of Common Prayer 2019 and we use a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary songs to worship our Lord. There is also a Sunday School program available at this service.

Thursday at 7:00 pm – We gather together for Evening Prayer and discipleship classes. This fall we will be studying the Scripture from our sermon series the previous Sunday. This is an opportunity to dive deeper into the text and learn from God’s Word together.

Where do my kids go?

For more information check out our children’s ministry page.

What should I wear?

People wear all sorts of different things. You’ll find some in formal wear (coats and ties or dresses) and some more casual (jeans and t-shirts). We want people to feel comfortable and authentic to who they are. Rather than paying attention to what people wear, we’d much rather get to know who you are.

I would like to speak with someone before I come. Who do I contact?

We’d love to hear from you. Our staff loves to answer questions and help people feel more comfortable at St Aidan’s please call us at 519-962-5931 or email office@staidanswindsor.ca